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XML Extensible Markup Language

XML Extensible Markup Language

XML Extensible Markup Language – The full form of XML is Extensible Markup Language, which is a Markup language containing rules to encode documents in a format that is both Human & machine readable form. The file extension for XML is “.xml”. The primary purpose of the language is to share the data across different systems, such as the Internet. There are many languages based on XML, these are XHTML, MathML, XUL, SVG, RSS, OOXML, Open document, SOAP, SMIL and RDF. XML is also a Meta language which are used to create your own Markup languages. XML is a extensive concepts.

What are the Advantages of XML language?

  1. Exchanging data – The data in the text document can be easily shared between any two computers.
  2. The Content or documents can be easily updated in any text editor.
  3. It is easy to manipulate using Programming language.
  4. It is self-describing data. It shares data in internet.
  5. It is easy to create a custom tag or your defined tag to describe data.
  6. It is Platform independent.

What are difference between XML and HTML?

  1. XML is Extensible Markup Language while HTML is Hypertext Markup language.
  2. XML was designed for hold data and transport data, while HTML specify how data should be displayed on webpages
  3. XML is a case sensitive, While HTML is not a case sensitive.
  4. In XML, user can define custom tags but in HTML tags are predefined.
  5. XML was dynamic for holding data while HTML was static for displaying data.
  6. XML follow strict rules while HTML does not follow any strict rules.

What are the Disadvantage of XML language?

  1. It is redundant – The redundancy will affect application efficiency through higher storage, transmission and processing costs.
  2. Hierarchical model implementation in XML is limited in comparison to an object oriented concepts.
  3. XML namespaces are fruitless to use and namespace support can be difficult to implement in an XML parser.

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