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Would Google predictions over disease viable

Would Google predictions over disease viable

Would Google predictions over disease viable – A person suffering from illness or disease might search Google for prescriptions available there. But do you think that prescriptions over such disease by Google would be most appropriate. For example, if a person suffering from flu search on Google about its remedies and few of them would be available there. Would Google search result work? One thing which is appropriately said that the level & type of disease spread over depends mostly on region. For this only reason a trends known as Google Flu was launched. This was the tool that uses aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity all around the world.

So in order to identify the search term that relates with flu activity, the company worked with US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to compare the popularity of search queries with the saved historical data about flu outbreaks. Once Google gets the most closely related search items, the flu related searches proceeded over the outbreaks reported by the CDC. It reveals that web searches not only track flu activity but also predict regional outbreaks.

Similarly, Google used data produced by Singapore Ministry of Health and WHO to create Google Dengue Trends. This was the tool which helps public health officers to predict and prepare for mosquito borne dengue virus outbreaks. The search results over such disease were being gratified by some entrepreneurs and reports. According to Lancet study internet based surveillance can detect outbreaks of infectious diseases such influenza and dengue fever. It also revealed that the search data was ready to detect the SARS outbreak more than two months before any WHO release.

Upon all such studies, the Google and other internet based results have limits; they work only in areas with internet access and large internet users’ population. However, Google is continuously updating its model to finds a way to identify or account for most suitable answer.

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