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How to Solve Windows Update Error Code 0X80071a91

How to Solve Windows Update Error Code 0X80071a91

In Windows PC, we need to update latest release by Microsoft. These releases are either security based or upgradation of existing program on computer. Sometimes updates are critical and required timely upgradation. If these updates are delayed it can pose a threat to the system. So, User need to resolve all of them on priority basis. In this article we deal with a new update related error on Windows machine. The error is associated with an error code 0x80071a91. How to Solve Windows Update Error Code 0X80071a91.

The basic reason might be malfunctioning of File System Resource Manager (FSRM). FSRM allow transactions of specified file system in correct timeframe. There are five unique troubleshooting methods to fix Windows update error code 0x80071a91. Read all of them in sequence and follow as per requirement.

Procedure to fix Windows Update Error Code 0X80071a91 in Windows 10

  • Disable Antivirus running on PC temporarily

In most cases Antivirus interfere the normal functioning of Windows Update. So, we need to disable/ uninstall the recent Antivirus running on PC. Disable it and check if problem is solved. Click on Retry option visible in error Window.

  • Reset File System Manager Service (FSMS) Tool Once

If FSMS service is not working normally then resetting will fix it well. The resetting of FSMS is done with the help of Command Prompt tool. Press Window key + R to open Run Command. Type cmd and press enter. Open Command Prompt with Administrator Privilege. Type the following command written below.

Fsutil resource setautoreset true C:\

It will execute in few minutes, then restart the PC and check if problem is solved.

  • Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Go to Start button and click on gear like symbol called Settings. Now click on Updates and Security option. On left section of the page, click on Troubleshoot option. On right side of the Window, click on Windows Update. Now select the Windows Update Troubleshooter option given below. It will process in few minutes. After finishing, retry the update option and check if problem is solved.

  • Delete CLFS Transaction Logs files

The CLFS stands for Common Log File System. Deleting CLFS will decrease load on execution of FSMS. Open the command prompt window with administrative privilege. Type the following commands sequentially.

cd /d %SystemRoot%\System32\SMI\Store\Machine

attrib -s -h *

del *.blf

del *.regtrans-ms

After complete execution of commands, check if problem is solved.

  • Restart Windows Update Services

To restart the Windows update service, run services.msc command on Run window. When services window is open. Search for Auto Time Zone Updater. Right click on it to open properties. There are options available like Automatic (Delayed Start), Automatic, Manual and Disabled. Now Right click on Auto Time zone Updater to get Start, Stop, Pause and resume service. Access the required option as per need and check if problem is solved.

Hope this helps you lot!

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