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How to Fix Windows Store Error Code OX80073CF9

How to Fix Windows Store Error Code OX80073CF9

How to Windows Store Error Code OX80073CF9 – We have lots of apps available in Windows Store for Free as well as Paid one. Just type the required apps name in the search box and get it. It is equally relevant to Play Store/ Apple Store on Smart Phone Today. It is mostly used on Windows machines. This relieves us from searching required apps on search engines. But like other tools it also has problems. The most recent error shown was OX80073CF9. The actual message shown in the screen while running Store is “The error code is OX80073CF9, in case you need it”.

Windows Store Error Code OX80073CF9

Microsoft continuously tries to improve all its applications. The above code signifies Severity failure at the time of downloading, installing or Update. We have couples of troubleshooting methods to resolve Windows Store Error Code OX80073CF9.

Procedure to Fix Windows Store Error Code OX80073CF9

There are four unique methods to resolve such type of error code. Read all of them and consider which one is appropriate for you.

  • Establish connectivity on Wired despite Wireless.

It might be case where internet connectivity strength is not so good with Wireless. So you need to connect via wired network (if possible). You can switch by following steps given below.

Press Win+R to open the Run Window. Now type the command ncpa.cpl. Press Enter. To disable the wireless network, right click and select disable. This will automatically establish connectivity with wired network.

  • Perform SFC scan to repair files which are corrupt due to any reason.
  • Create a AppReadiness Folder

If C is your system drive then follow path C: -> Windows. In windows, Create a folder named AppReadiness anywhere in the open space. Now open the folder. Windows Store will save data in this folder if it was absent.

  • Allow Access to Store for Packages folder

Sometimes AppReadiness folder acts as a culprit and hence shows such error. This is due to limited permission allotted to Windows Store, now allowing writing. So we need to allow full permission to Windows store.

How to do this?

Go to AppRepository Folder under the path “C: à ProgramData à Microsoft à Windows à AppRepository”. Right click and select properties. In property window navigate to Security tab. In Security tab, you have “Advanced” button in lower right. Click on it and switch to Permission tab. Under permission tab, you have options to allow full control. After setting full control, Click on Apply & finally OK. At last restart the PC and check if problem is solved.

We hope this helps you lot!

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