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Windows 10 Shortcut Keys for Easy Operation

Windows 10 Shortcut Keys for Easy Operation

Windows 10 Shortcut Keys for Easy Operation – In order to do any work on Computer, a user has to follow a defined path to initiate that task. Window provide their user a number of shortcut keys through which they can perform their task easily. These shortcut key commands are also said as Accessibility shortcuts keyboards. Each of these shortcut keys perform unique tasks as assigned by the user. In this article we will talk about Windows 10 shortcut keys which are used now a days. The shortcut key Commands mainly featured in areas like Magnify, High contrast and others. The list of mostly used shortcut keys in windows 10 are given below.

List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Accessibility

The short cut keys commands includes two columns, where one define which key to press and other what to perform. Windows 10 Shortcut Keys for Easy Operation is explained below.

Press this Key To perform this
Window Logo Key + Plus (+) or Minus (-) Zoom In or Out
Ctrl + Alt + Space bar Preview the desktop in full-screen mode
Ctrl + Alt + D Switch to docked mode
Ctrl + Alt + I Invert Colors
Ctrl + Alt + F Switch to full-screen mode
Ctrl + Alt + L Switch to lens mode
Ctrl + Alt + R Resize the lens
Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys Pan in the direction of the arrow keys
Window logo key + Esc Exit Magnifier
Right Shift for eight seconds Turn Filter Keys on and off
Left Alt + left Shift + Print Screen Turn High Contrast on or off
Left Alt + left Shift + Num Lock Turn Mouse Keys on or off
Shift five times Turn Sticky Keys on or off
Num Lock for five seconds Turn Toggle Keys on or off
Windows logo key + U Open the Ease of Access Center
Windows logo key + L Lock your PC
Windows logo key + D Display and hide the desktop
Alt + F4 Close the active item, or exit the active app
Alt + F8 Show your password on the sign-in screen
Alt + Esc Cycle through items in the order in which they were opened
Alt + underlined letter Perform the command for that letter
Shift with any arrow key Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text in a document
Shift + Delete
Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first
Alt + underlined letter Perform the command for that letter
Alt + Right arrow Go forward
Alt + Left arrow Go back
Alt + Page Down Move down one screen
Windows logo key + K     Open the Connect quick action
Windows logo key  + L
Lock your PC or switch accounts
Windows logo key  + M
Minimize all windows
Windows logo key  + O Lock device orientation
Windows logo key  + P Choose a presentation display mode
Windows logo key  + R Open the Run dialog box
Windows logo key  + S Open search
Windows logo key  + T Cycle through apps on the taskbar
Windows logo key  + U Open Ease of Access Center
Windows logo key  + V Cycle through notifications


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