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Windows 10 Installation without Microsoft Account

Windows 10 Installation without having Microsoft Account

Windows 10 Installation without Microsoft Account – As Windows 10 being the latest OS by Microsoft luring most of the computer users. Although it requires Microsoft Account for Installation of Windows 10. But if you don’t have Microsoft Account then don’t worry, we have possible solution for that. We can download and install Windows 10 using a Local account. In Microsoft account creating page user has option to sign in without having an account.

A pictorial view of MS account creating page with a red oval shaped is shown below. The red oval shaped marking shows the option to Sign in without having a Microsoft account.

  • Would we Install Windows 10 using Local Account?

Ans – Yes, we can install Windows 10 using Local Account.

Procedure to Install Windows 10 without having Microsoft Account

  • First of all, create a bootable USB drive. A bootable USB drives are used in abundance today. Since it is faster and can be easily carried (portable).
  • Insert the drive in to your PC. As a result, a series of instructions will appear on the screen.
  • Follow the instruction in correct order and perform pausing when the system ask you the following question.
  • How you would like to setup your device. The system will display two options. Fetch the option saying “Set up for Personal use”.
  • Go to Next. Whenever a new Account page appears on the screen, you can find all the sign in options enlisted there.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom and sign in using a Local Account.
  • In order to create a local account in Windows PC select “Offline account”.
  • When we proceed to the new page that requests a user to complete the Windows Setup using MS account. Here you need to select options say “No”.
  • After confirming the action, we can see a notification at the bottom of the screen. The notification message says “You are about to set an offline account. Windows works better with Microsoft account”
  • In this case user need to ignore the message and proceed further. So, enable the ‘No’ button.
  • Create a local account by entering the following details. Name of the viewer with strong password.

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