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Windows 10 Desktop Background Changes Automatically

Windows 10 Desktop Background Changes Automatically

Windows 10 Desktop Background Changes AutomaticallyWindows 10 Desktop Background Changes Automatically- When we update our Operating System, it might be possible that our desktop might get messed up. All those things that we have managed earlier now gets disturbed. In such problem we need to reboot or Shutdown our system. This error occurs due to corrupt migration of our system files, and the damage caused due to register file and such that.

Desktop background Changes automatically.

If our desktop background changes automatically then need to fix that issue. In this article we are about to perform such activity.

How to modify Slide Show setting.

Click on Win+R or run Cortana in the Launch Run Box and type powercfg.cpl this will launch power option.
Click on Change Plan and select our desired plan and click on Change Advanced Power Setting. It will open a new dialogue box. Expand the option Desktop Background Setting. Click on OK.

How to Disable Windows Sync Setting.

Open the Personalization option. For this Click on empty space. Move to personalization Option.
Click on Themes and click on Sync your Setting in the section of Related Setting. It will open a new dialogue box.
Here, we will have Turn Off option toggle of Sync Setting. Finally user need to reboot his system to apply the effect.
After that we can change our desktop background manually and can fix the issue.

How to Change the Desktop Background.

Move to Personalisation menu. On the left Side called as background.

In the Right side panel a drop down menu will be there. In that click on background and click on Browse. User can select any picture of his choice. Select the desired Picture and select the resolution preference your display. User can reboot his system to apply changes.

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