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Window 10 OneDrive High CPU Usage Problem

Window 10 OneDrive High CPU Usage Problem

Window 10 OneDrive High CPU Usage Problem – In Window 10, Microsoft OneDrive application has been reportedly experiencing a major problem of high CPU usage. If you are suffering with the same problem then, this article would be helpful for you. Here we will provide some suggestions and problem fixing technique to solve such problem. The problem is very critical because it usage more CPU time resulting in slowing down the system. The Windows 10/ 8.1/8/7 users can refer this technique to solve the problem of Microsoft OneDrive. Below are few steps which should be followed by them.

Technique to Solve OneDrive High CPU Usage Problem

  1. Open Task Manager and right click “Microsoft OneDrive process” then select End Task. After this restart the OneDrive.
  2. For Window 10 users, they can Reset OneDrive to solve the issue. Go to Run Command> Copy “%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe/reset”. This will take few minutes to run. If done your OneDrive app and settings will now have been reset to default values.
  3. For Window 8.1/ 8/7 Users can run OneDrive Troubleshooter to counter the error. If no changes occurred go to next step (4).
  4. Exit OneDrive and navigate to File explorer and type “%AppData%\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\setup\logs”. Now locate the two hidden files and delete them. They are – a. UserTelemetryCache.otc and b. UserTelemetryCache.otc.session. Now restart your OneDrive and see it works.
  5. Now if problems persists, then uninstall OneDrive completely and reinstall it again.

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