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Will News agency favour Drone over Helicopters in Future

Will News agency favour Drone over Helicopters in Future

Will News agency favour Drone over Helicopters in Future – For years News agencies gathered & live reported information with the help of helicopters in the Sky. The information gathering with helicopters costs too much due to installation of cameras & other equipment and mostly fuel. It is used to cover certain types of news events like tornados, hurricanes, floods, massive traffic backups, live telecasts etc. But the eye caching clips could not be stored by a cameraman sitting in a helicopter.

Will News agency favour Drone over Helicopters in Future

But they were captured by robotic drones which is equipped with heavy cameras and are operated on the ground. With the new rule issued by Federal Aviation administration in 2016, the use of flying robots called drones by News agencies would be easier.

Prior rule says a drone have to be piloted by a trained and licensed personnel in aircraft of hours of experience. The new rule only requires an operator to study and pass a test meant to certify for drones.

As a result, some are investing in training program for future drone. Like Matt Waite is a journalism professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who heads the school’s Drone Journalism Lab. He had trained about 390 journalists across the country in the past year on how to use drones.

The TVNewsCheck, publication industry estimated that only 100 to 120 news helicopters are still flying around which is below 180 in late 2000. The Study says that drones are more affordable way to capture video clips for posting on websites.

Since drone are unmanned, so Journalists need not face the accidental & other risks which had in news helicopters. According to Bob Ellis, The Station VP and GM – “The drones often times provide far better pictures and can help tell a much better story.

In our coverage after Hurricane Irma just last week we used drone footage to show damaged areas that showed exactly what happened far better than using a helicopter could”.

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