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Will DVD become obsolete after decade

Will DVD become obsolete after decade

Will DVD become obsolete after decade – We all know new things replaces old ones. Likewise, the introduction of LED bulbs retreats CFL tubes. The new tech meant more feasible and efficient. We all use DVDs and Blu ray discs for many purpose like storing data, pictures, videos and others. The data stored on DVD is yours and you can open it any time. Today many studios, distributors, companies are still using DVD for their means and make a plenty of money from it. One the other side the popularity of streaming videos or video on demand is degrading the use of DVDs.

Will DVD become obsolete after decade

According to 2014 report by research firm Pricewaterhousecoopers LLC, the revenue generated through electronic home videos services will exceed the revenue by DVD and blue ray sales & rental in near future. Since people are more interested on movie theaters and electronic streaming services compared to entertainment via DVDs and blue ray discs.

Likewise, Redbox company had planned to close around 500 kiosks after a year of service. However, the Company rents DVDs for a dollar a day at 40000 self-service kiosks throughout USA. Despite of such negativity DVDs still hold several advantages over streaming & video on demand including availability of titles, affordability and ability to access your movies when no Wi-Fi connection is there. The collector and cinephiles focus on quality & reliability of physical media over digital media.

You would choose DVD player the most whenever a long flight or road trip is planned with your children. One major problem stuck with streaming is that user does not acquire any sort of ownership over the content. According to Museum of Obsolete Media, the VHS format did not become obsolete until 2000, with the last major release was in 2006. Since VHS which trailed DVDs in terms of quality, storage, ease of use.

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