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Why Windows Installer not working in Windows 10

Why Windows Installer not working in Windows 10

Why Windows Installer not working in Windows 10Why Windows Installer not working in Windows 10-  Windows Installer is a Service that manages the installations including apps, features and even upgradation of apps. Failure in service of windows Installer might lead to failure in new installation and even the upgradation of apps.

How to resolve Windows Installer failure issue.

  1. Start the Windows Installer Service.

User can find it in Run Prompt. For this type MSIExec and then press enter. The windows Installer tells everything about the MSIExec.

Is there is an error then we need to start it manually. To start manually follow these steps.
Right Click on Taskbar and Select the Task Manager.
Move to Service and navigate for msiserver and start it.
User can also run the service.msc to open the windows server. To start it click on Windows Installer and restart it.

Basically this happens when the Windows Installer Engine is corrupted, or installed incorrectly or if it is disabled. User can fix its configuration or recheck its patch file or can also enable it.  It will give a message Error 5, Access is denied.

  1. User can Run Programme Installer or Uninstall Trouble shooter.

The first thing is to run Programme Install and Uninstall Trouble shooter. It repairs the block programme installation or removal. This happens because of corrupted registry keys. It will fix the corrupt registry keys. Programme Installer removes the programme that blocks user from uninstalling a programme or through Add or Remove of programme in control panel.

Effects of Windows Installer Service.

  1. Windows Installer continuously pops up.

The windows installer or msiexec.exe runs continuously in the background. User can check Task Manager to check the list of currently running programs. If we see the installer coming again and again. It means it is stuck that’s why popping.

  1. User cannot open the Installation Package.

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