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Why Windows Hang or Freeze during Work

Why Windows Hang or Freeze during Work

Why Windows Hang or Freeze during Work – There are many reasons of Hanging/ freezing of Windows. Freezing occurs in most of the Windows like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, etc. This freezing or hanging makes our work cumbersome. Long duration work may go in waste, if proper solution is not adopted. Don’t worry we have proper solution for you. You can retreat yourself from this Hanging or freezing by following below steps. Before starting, you are supposed to create a system restore point. This will be fruitful if changes does not helps you anymore. You can revert back easily by restoring on previous created restore point.Why Windows Hang or Freeze during Work

Why Windows Hang or Freeze during Work?

There are few possible cause of Hanging or Freezing. Some of them are –

  • Hardware Error
  • Device Driver Error
  • Dead lock
  • CPU Allocation delay
  • Memory Exhausting
  • Disk Misbehaviour
  • Allocation of CPU for high priority threads or Spinlocks

How to Overcome Windows Hang or Freeze during Work?

We have more solutions for you. You need to read them and judge which one suits best for your system.

  • Download & Install the latest Windows Update.
  • Judge if Prior System Restore Point might overcome system Hanging or Freezing.
  • Disable the Indexing tool and check if problem is solved.
  • Run a reliable junk cleaner like CCleaner to delete the PC junks.
  • Full Scanning of PC with updated Antivirus software.
  • Some PC have Aero. You need to disable it.
  • Uninstall pre-installed Crapware, that is inactive and not in use. We can get free crapware removal software easily on Internet.
  • Remove un-necessary start up program from start-up entries. These unused start-up program is a real victim.
  • Check for Event Error. This can be browsed as – Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event viewer > Custom Views > Administrative Event. Check for round red exclamatory mark error icon. Double click on it to view Event Properties.
  • Remove old & outdated drivers.
  • Browse the Reliability Monitor to view lists of failures your machine have in past.
  • To address random Windows 7 freezes apply the hotfix released by Microsoft.
  • Run DISM & SFC (System File Checker)

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