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Why Cortana didn’t talk to you

Why Cortana didn’t talk to you

Why Cortana didn’t talk to you – Whenever we select the microphone and say some task to Cortana, she will respond as a true digital friend. If she judge that boss would like to watch the solution rather that listening, she shows the result according to the need of boss. Sometimes she does not respond or talk to us. The case reveal that something is wrong with Cortana. This article intend to fix such error with the help of Device Manager in Cortana.

  1. Search and open Device Manager and select the arrow next to Sound, Video and game controllers. Now the list of sound card with yellow question marks is seen. It means there is problem with sound.
  2. If your mic might not be set up. For this Enter Set up mic, and select the matching result and follow the instructions to eliminate the problem related to Cortana.

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