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What would completely replace today’s Smartphone

What would completely replace today’s Smartphone

What would completely replace today’s Smartphone – Today, we notice that the person sitting around us on public places are increasingly interested on their smartphone rather talking with one another. Eight out of ten are fully engaged in their smartphones on listening to music, clicking pictures, reading news updates, chatting in social media or shopping online. Likewise, if we want a torch we mostly prefer smartphones.

What would completely replace today’s Smartphone

A recent study reveals that smartphone users spends five to six hours a day using their interesting features. This stickiness is due to extraordinary features related to internet which is embedded on Smartphones today.

But the speed of technological progress reveals a different story. According to 2015 survey, the Swedish Communications Technology and Service Company Ericsson concluded that the Smartphone would become obsolete in the market by 2020. But Why? The Question is – Who is going to replace the Smartphone?

The advancement in technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence would definitely bring a device which will be more powerful than today Smartphone. The upcoming device might not be a palm size rectangular material with glass screen at the top or say no any screen would be there.

Such device will compromise with virtual reality and artificial intelligence to project information into our system, eliminating the use of a touch screen. The system will manipulate information through voice commands or gesture to accomplish the task. At that time typing will be rare which is compulsory today.

Today’s popular personal assistants like Alexa, Cortana or Siri will be the information gatherer as a result we are not required to enter too much of information to gain access. The upcoming device will study our eye movements to make predictions of its own. We may call it Intelligent assistant. In future these intelligent devices will interact with other intelligent devices to share their information to yield a beautiful creation.

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