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What will be the Computer in the Future like

What will be the Computer in the Future like

What will be the Computer in the Future like – Today our lives has become digital, this is due to the advancement of Computer Science. The processor embedded on computers is extremely powerful to process any operation on time. In 2010, IBM had introduced a processor capable of running at 5.2 gigahertz (GHz), proved to be fastest at that time. Alternatively we can say that the processor ran at 5.2 billion cycles per second.

What will be the Computer in the Future like

When we compare two processors having 3.2 GHz and 5.2 GHz value, the 5.2 GHz processor would be faster than a 3.2 GHz processor. Would you hear a prediction that commits double processing power of Integrated circuit after two years due to some technical reason? Yes, we are talking about Moore’s law. The law predicts that the no of discrete elements on a square inch silicon integrated circuit (IC) with double every two years.

What would happen with the computer speed on 2050? If we start from 2010 and reach 2050, the difference will be 40 years. Hence the processing speed of ICs would be 20 times more. If 5.2 GHz was the max speed of processor in 2010 then what would be the speed in 2050? Obviously speed reaches upto 5.5 Petahertz. It would be hard to imagine what to direct such a machine to tackle. Some believes that we may even create machines with intelligence. These machines could discover techniques to improve processing speed even faster than humans do.

Further, machine would develop mechanism of self improvements. A new type of technology called pervasive computing which tends our imagination on creating buildings, highways, vehicles and others with computer elements. We will enter into the world where digital life and real life would overlap seamlessly. The same can be seen on today’s technology, where hundreds of Smartphone applications add a digital layer over our perception of the real world.

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