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What to Know before reinstallation of Window 10

What to Know before reinstallation of Window 10

What to Know before reinstallation of Window 10 – When a user has to reinstall window 10 OS then he/she has to use some of the installation media like DVD, USB flash drive or ISO file to complete the installation process. The reinstallation of window can also be established with methods other than DVD, USB Flash and traditional ways. In this article we will give your some sort of knowledge regarding various ways of Installation of Window 10. The details regarding each case are illustrated below. Here we elaborate Some Frequently Asked Question regarding reinstallation of Window 10.

Case I – Can a user reinstall Windows 10 if free upgrade offer was already used?

Answer – Yes it is possible. A digital licence will help out a candidate to automatically activate Window 10 after you reinstall it. The upgrading from Windows 7 to Window 8.1 is possible in such case. For more information related to this is available in official website.

Case II – Do I require a product key for reinstalling Window 10?

Answer – No you don’t need a product key, if your window 10 was already activated on your PC before you reinstall it.

Case III – Will a user reactivate Window 10 after it is reinstalled?

Answer – Yes, user has to reactivate window 10 after reinstallation. In some cases it happens automatically when your PC is connected to internet.

Case IV – Will a user reinstall window 10 after making any significant hardware changes?

If a user want to reinstall Window 10 after significant hardware changes like replacement of motherboard, then reinstallation will not be done. If you were running Windows 10 before the hardware change, use the Activation troubleshooter to reactivate Windows.

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