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What to do when Window Store do not Open

What to do when Window Store do not Open

What to do when Window Store do not OpenWhat to do when Window Store do not Open – When a user want to install any application from window store and store does not launch, then try troubleshooting steps. This problem generally occurs due to incomplete updates to windows, connection related problems, signing problems or location related issues. Window store is a place where a user gets several types of application which are user on PC time to time. Suppose a user want to use Opera browser, then they have to search for such browser in window store services.

General issues related to launching of windows store are errors while installing updates, incomplete update, internet connectivity problems, Microsoft account signing, settings related to time and location etc. In this article we will talk about each and every possible reasons which deny to launch window store.
Issues related to Opening of Windows Store

  1. The first issue related to opening of windows store is windows update. Sometimes during installation of updates some errors generate and update does not finish completely. To check that your windows update is complete or not, a user has to Go to Settings followed by Update & Security and then check for Updates. The procedure can be easily understood as –

Path & Procedure – Goto Settings > Update & Security > Check for Updates. Now after complete installation of update check if window store opens or not. If problem remains then try for next level of issues discuss below.

  1. The Second issue may be connection problem. Check if your PC is connected to internet or not. Check your Wi-Fi connectivity clearly. Check your PC network troubleshooter by following steps given below.

Path & Procedure – Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network Troubleshooter > Change your Network settings.

  1. Check if you are signed in with your Microsoft account.
  2. Check your time and location settings. To solve such problem go to Settings > Time & Language.
  3. Next step is to reset your Windows store cache memory. To reset Press Windows + R keys to open the run command box. OR Type WSReset and try launching store and sign in to access.

These are the major steps by which you can solve such error related to launching of Window Store.

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