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What not to Share on Social Media

What not to Share on Social Media

What not to Share on Social MediaWhat not to Share on Social Media – Today Social networking media such as Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Friendster, Urban Chat & Others provide a platform to share thoughts, feelings, photos, Videos, future visions, working module with every member. The report says that about 35 percent of adult and 75 percent of teenagers are engaged with these social medias today. These social networking sites allow profile creation with few security features.

The security is imposed on messages receiving recipients which means user will decide who will receive the messages. The settings include two modes Public or Private. The public mode will allow access to each and every member of the lists. But Private mode allow access to user’s own opted members. The study says about 40 percent of users have open access to their profiles allowing accessibility to anyone in the list.

Since sharing personal information with anyone can be a dangerous business. The article will emphasis on things which should not be done in order to protect yourself from online fraudsters. There are 10 things which should not be shared on social networks.

  1. Do not disclose personal conversations – The users send personal messages, post notes, images, videos to other members on social sites. The posts must be shared with someone who you rely the most. The private mode will be beneficial in this case.
  2. Do not disclose social plans – If you have planned a party with selected members then disclosure will make annoyed rest of the members.
  3. Do not involve more on linked sites to avoid misleading information to more peoples.
  4. Do not dispose any information related to new planned work of your company
  5. Do not share photos or images or profile of your family member especially children.
  6. Do not share your personal address and phone number on posts and thoughts.
  7. Do not disclose information related to banking, shares and investments.
  8. Do not share or dispose password of accounts related to email, logins and others.
  9. Do not Share your password hints with any one.
  10. Never share your privacy secrets, daily working module and identity with unknown members.

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