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What is Windows Update Delivery Optimization

What is Windows Update Delivery Optimization

What is Windows Update Delivery Optimization – Windows Update and Store apps are necessary files which are required to remain up to date about new features and new application added by Microsoft Company. These Updates and Apps are not downloaded completely due to limited or unreliable Internet connection. Here we will discuss about a technique which helps user to download such updates and apps irrespective of limited and unreliable Internet Connection.

The new technique is called as Windows Update Delivery Optimization. Delivery optimization technique ensures receiving of update and apps from PCs that already have such updated files or apps. Such PCs may be PCs on your local network or PCs on the Internet. This Delivery Optimization technique works in two main ways i.e. PCs on your local network and PCs on the Internet. When delivery optimization is turned on, PC sends parts of apps or update that was downloaded using Delivery optimization, depending upon your settings. Delivery optimization technique is not used to download or send personal contents.

Window Update Delivery Optimization Working Modules: —-

PCs on your local network – In this technique Window downloads an update or apps from any PCs in local network that have downloaded the file using Delivery Optimization technique. Window does not download the whole file from one PC but download in discrete parts from distinct PCs. The window opt the most reliable download source for each part of the file.

PCs on local network and PCs on the Internet – In this technique Window uses PCs on the far place or say internet to download the update or apps.

How Window Update Delivery Optimization does works?

When Delivery optimization downloads updates or apps, it creates a local cache and store files for a short period of time. Now the window fetches the data on network which depends upon the settings.

How to Turn off Delivery Optimization technique?

Path or Procedure – Start > Settings > Update & Security >Windows Update> Select Advanced Options> Choose how updates are delivered> Now use toggle to turn delivery optimization off. Delivery Optimization technique never download or send parts of updates or apps to other PCs on the Internet on metered connections.

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