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What is SuperComputer?

What is SuperComputer?

What is SuperComputer?Definition: A SuperComputer is a high level Computer capable of processing with very high Speed, Accuracy and can do very complex jobs, which a simple computer can never process. This supercomputer require very large amount of raw data to do any job.

These supercomputer are used for weather forecasting, molecular research, Quantum research, biological macromolecular research and other complex jobs. Major universities, military agencies and scientific research laboratories are bulky users of Supercomputers. Today supercomputers are embedded with tens of thousands of processors that are able to perform billions and trillions of calculations/computations per second. Alternately, a supercomputer is a type of computer that acquire such architecture, resources and components as to achieve massive computing power. Supercomputers play a very important role in the field of computational science, being used for a wide range of computationally intensive tasks in many fields like quantum mechanics, weather forecasting, climate research, oil and gas exploration, molecular modelling.

Many countries have contributed a variety of Supercomputers having optimistic functional capability. India has also developed few Supercomputer some of them are used in Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing etc. Some of name of Supercomputer which are used in India are – Aaditya (iDataPlex DX360M4), TIFR – Cray XC30, HP Apollo 6000 Xl230/250, PARAM Yuva – II etc. What is SuperComputer? 

What are the best examples of SuperComputer?

Some of the popular supercomputer which are used today are – IBM NORCUNIVAC, LARCIBM, 7030, 3IBM, Blue/GeneIBM WatsonBeowulf architecture StretchCDC, 6600CDC, 7600Cray, 1Cray, 2Cray etc.

What is the unit of measuring speed of a supercomputer?

The general used base unit is FLOPS (floating point operations per second) along with the appropriate prefix (mega, giga, tera …).

What are the Uses of SuperComputer?

  1. Weather Forecasting – The processing power of supercomputers give predictions like raining areas, paths of hurricanes, the probability of tornado strikes , earth quakes, path of rain trends.
  2. Scientific Research – It can analyse data streaming from satellites orbiting earth, ground-based optical and radio telescopes and probes exploring the solar system, Nuclear Research.
  3. Data Mining – It can extract information from raw data gathered in data warehouse. It can analyse data collected from their cash registers to help control inventory or spot market trends.
  4. Intelligence Agencies – To monitor communications between private citizens, or from suspected terrorist organizations and potentially hostile governments. To keep track of increasingly sophisticated encryption of Internet, cell phone, email and satellite transmissions. To find patterns in both written and spoken communication.

What are the World’s Best Supercomputers Used Today?

  1. IBM
  6. MIRA
  9. TITAN
  10. TIANHE – 2
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