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What is Programming Language in Computers?

What is Programming Language in Computers?

What is Programming Language in Computers?What is Programming Language in Computers? – Definition of Programming Language – A formal language consisting of sets of code or instruction used to accomplish certain task in computer system is called as Programming language. A programming language use certain algorithms to produce various kinds of results. A Programming language is mainly divided in two parts – High level language and Low level language.

What is High Level Language?

A Programming language which enables a programmer to write program independent of computer platform. The program will be in human readable and understandable format. The high level language is not directly readable by computer machine. Some of the high level languages are – C, C++, Java, FORTRAN, Pascal etc. In order to make readable for machine language, the HL language should be translated in machine readable form called machine language by a compiler or interpreter.

What are the advantages of High Level language?

  1. Easy to read, write and maintained.
  2. Easily translated by a compiler or Interpreter.

All High Level Languages are User Friendly that means the Syntax of theses Languages are quite simple because they contains all the words in the Form of English Language understand by us but the Main disadvantage is that they are not machine Oriented (0, 1) means the Program which is coded into the High Level Languages are not understood by the Computer So that the Program must be Converted into the Machine Language. The program which is written in high level language/ Human Language will affect the speed of computer.

What is Low Level Language?

A programming language which is difficult than high level language. The program is encoded such that they are understandable directly by machine of a computer. This language do not required Interpreter or Compiler to translate in machine understandable format. The best example is Assembly language.

What is Assembly Language?

The Assembly language uses short mnemonic codes as instructions and allows the programmer to introduce names for blocks of memory that store data. A programmer would write “add salary, total” instead of “01101011001010001” for an instruction that adds two salary figure. Assembly language is designed such that is can be easily translated into machine language. Like machine language, assembly language requires brief knowledge of internal computer architecture. Although blocks of data may be referred to by name instead of by their machine addresses, assembly language does not provide more sophisticated means of organizing complex information.

For Example if a user wants to add two Numbers then he/ she has to use Mnemonics code ADD A,B. ADD is the Mnemonics which is used to perform the Add Operation. This makes very easy for the user to understand and code in Assembly Language which are finally executed by computer machine. This is also called as Middle level language.

What is Machine Language?

The set of instructions, encoded as strings of binary bits, interpreted directly by a CPU of a Computer. For a given machine language, each unique combination of 1’s and 0’s in an instruction has a unique interpretation, including operations like arithmetical operations, incrementing a counter, saving data to memory, testing if data has a certain value etc. Computer programs are rarely written directly in machine language, in order to escape from this, higher-level programming languages are used now a days.

Another Explanation – A Programming language directly understood and executed by a machine is called as Machine language. It requires no conversion or translation by compiler or Interpreter. The English-like language, known as high level language such as Basic, C, Java, PASCAL etc. are coded as programs, then converted into a machine language, known as a low level language, by the help of an assembler, compiler, or interpreter.

This is a short description regarding “What is Programming Language in Computers?”. In our next topic we will discuss each of the Programming language in brief.

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