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What is LockApp.exe and How it creates problem

What is LockApp.exe and How it creates problem

What is LockApp.exe and How it creates problem – LockApp.exe is a program developed by Microsoft which is used as default lock screen app on Windows. However, it is safe. It is located under Windows? SystemApps > Microsoft.LockApp_XXXX> LockApp.exe. There is a notion about LockApp.exe that it behaves like a Virus. If the location of LockApp.exe gets change to a new one then it might behave like a virus. If you want to check if it is working as virus, then right click on the file > Properties > details tab. If it seems to be a Window OS then don’t worry. Alternatively, we can run antivirus/ Window defender to check the same.

What is LockApp.exe and How it creates problem

How to ensure that LockApp.exe is not infected?

The best way is to run Windows Defender Tool which is a native integration in Windows 10. Just Open the Windows Defender Security System. Go to Home> Virus and threat protection > Run an advanced scan. Select the LockApp.exe. If no warning is shown then double click it and use Defender Offline. This is done to ensure that duplication of virus not exist.

How LockApp.exe creates a problem?

Since, there are many programs that run on computer which consume lots of resources as per need. The only way to detect is to use Window Task Manager. Sometime it consumes a lot of resources and sometime it doesn’t. The resources consumed on peak hour was 35 percent along with GPU. So, it is a case of suspicion.

How to Disable LockApp.exe file?

To disable the LockApp.exe file, you can simply rename the “Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy” folder. Or we can edit registry value to stop it from running. Enter Win+R to open Registry editor window and navigate to the following path-


Now in the right pane, you will see DWORD AllowLockScreen. Double-click on it and set the value to 0. This will surely disable the lockapp.exe program on your PC.

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