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What is Keyloggers?

What is Keyloggers?

What is Keyloggers? – A Keyloggers is a hardware device or Software program that can be used by malicious individuals, who can steal login Credentials, sensitive enterprise data, personally identifiable information or any personal information from any computer. It can also records the real time activity of a computer it can disclose which keyboard keys was pressed by user. The IT individuals use Keyloggers to troubleshoot technical problems with computers and networks. Some Keyloggers software are freely available on Internet network, while others are commercial or private applications. Sometimes Keyloggers can be malware program downloaded onto computers without the owner of computer. The process of detecting the presence of one on a computer is very difficult. What is keyloggers?

How can a Cyber Criminals use Keyloggers to hack our Computer?

  1. By installing an antispam product, which was attached to the message sent by someone. When a user opened the file and downloaded it to his/ her computer, the machine would be infected with Trojan.
  2. Keyloggers allowed the criminals to track all the keystrokes entered when victims used the bank’s client interface.
  3. The Keyloggers were activated when the users visited their own banks websites and secretly tracked and subsequently sent all data entered on these pages to cyber criminals.

How to protect yourself from a Keyloggers?

  1. By using one-time passwords or 2-step authentication process
  2. By using a virtual keyboard.
  3. By using a system with proactive protection designed to detect keylogging software.

There are many different kinds of keyloggers based on methods of diverse keylogging . They include hardware and software keyloggers. Software keyloggers can be built into rootkits, less detectable forms which can affect a computer in many ways. Hardware keyloggers can be attached into the stream from a keyboard to other peripheral.
While keylogging present danger in many parts of the technical world while some new technologies are keylogger-resistant. The touch screen interfaces of mobile devices often render conventional keyloggers waste and visual methods ex- drop-down box for selections can also provide a foil to keyloggers.

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