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What is HTTP Status Code

What is HTTP Status Code

What is HTTP Status CodeWhat is HTTP Status Code – As we know that HTTP is a communication Protocol which works on TCP/IP and delivers the data over the Internet. Through HTTP were used to send billions and t trillions of data over the internet between the Client and the server. Basically HTTP works on Client Server architecture where Internet Browser acts like HTTP Clint and web Server acts like Server from where we can fetch the data.
Every Query over the internet is communicated over TCP/IP and the result are given back by the server or the resources with a HTTP Status Code that are available in the browsers header.

HTTP Code Errors

These are the notes sent by the server which is usually flashed on the screen of user when he tries to access web page.
These codes are very serious matter for the website developer as they play a crucial role in diagnosis of Client Server Connectivity and configuration issue.
We can also say that it simple means something is not right in getting a proper connectivity among the user and the host. The HTTP Contains 3 Digit numerals, that classify the type of response and few of them are discussed with you.

Types of HTTPS Code Errors:-

1 xx:- This class shows the informal issue that are initiated by the user and received by the browser and is under process.

Some codes under 1xx are:-

100 Continue: – This shows that the server has received only a part of request, and client is sending a request until is not rejected from the servers end.
101 switching Protocol:- This means that server is ready  to switch protocol as per client request.
2xx:- These are the success code sent by the server. This means the user request has been accepted by the server and is under process.

Some code of 2xx is:-

200 OK:- This code stands for successful HTTP request initiated by client.
201 Created: – This code means the initiated request by the client is completed, and a new resource is created.
205 Reset Content:-  This code means that client request has been successfully completed, but server has failed to return any content.

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