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What is CMDER Console Emulator

What is CMDER Console Emulator

What is CMDER Console EmulatorWhat is CMDER Console Emulator- CMDER is a free portable console emulator for windows. It simple means that is can wrap around CMD and can provide much feature. Command line or console is human’s best friend ever since the discovery of computers. CMDER is best for the user who is willing to perform some task.

Features of CMDER Console Emulator.

Developer of console emulator says that CMDER is created to resolve the issue of pure frustration and the absence of nice console for windows. The CMDER is an emulator that can run any shell of our choice. We can also specify the shell windows in the same program.

How to Download CMDER Console Emulator.

We can download the CMEDER either in mini or full version. In full version, there is GIT for windows and it is ready for use in GIT Command and Unix Command on our system. It is a great utility for its users or anyone who is using a console. Though CMDER tool we can install keyboard hooks and seize keyboards keys.

The list of important keyboard shortcut is available for CMDER website or we can visit Keys and Macro setting.

In CMDER, if we wish to open a new tab press ctrl + T. we can also specify the shell that we wish to initialize in the tab. User can specify the startup directory and the credentials that are running as another user.

User can run CMDER, CMD or the PowerShell simultaneously on a particular system. A user can also use more than one console by splitting the screen into even halves. This will help in preventing us from changing tabs again and again.

User can also customize CMDER as it offers long list of setting. Through which we can customize its color, position and fonts. We can also change its background image for the terminal.

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