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What is Android GO?

What is Android GO?

What is Android GO? – Android GO is a lightweight Android Smart Phone launched by Google Company. It is a budged friendly android smartphones for developing markets. It is the modified version of Android One, which was launched earlier but not seen success in terms of sales of new and cheap devices in android market. Android Go is a new version of Google’s OS designed specifically with low-end devices that don’t require much RAM or more processing power.
It’s designed specifically for phones with memory (RAM) between 512MB to 1GB of RAM. Google wants to ensure that even the most basic, cheapest smartphones can run Android O features without facing any fatal issues. The google will launch Android GO smart phone in years 2018.

What are the reasons of launching Android GO?

  1. More and More people can access to the Android platform and services.
  2. A Smart phone for those who cannot afford price of high end devices.
  3. For increasing the active android phone users of Google. Current it has 2 billion active users.

Android Go will include a version of the Play Store that will show the entire app menu, but it will highlight only those apps that developers have dedicated for Android Go. Considering most budget smartphones using less than 2 GB, the new software will considerably bring Android smart phones to even cheaper devices than before.

Google has redesigned existing apps which are embedded in Android O, to ensure that it will take less storage space, use low memory and save on mobile memory. You tube GO is the standard App which are more user friendly than earlier version. The videos in You tube GO can be shared with their friends via Bluetooth. The Gboard has extraordinary features that it occupy less space and work faster. Android GO include data management tools which is used by the user to optimise memory or RAM or Phone internal memory. It also contain data server features for more realistic work. Android Go contains the features of Android O and tries to embed as best they can on a Simpler Smart Phones. When pointing towards optimization, the new software totally focused on rebuilding Google’s core apps – like that of Gmail and Google Chrome in order to ensure that they use less storage space, processing power and mobile data. Other services are You tube GO which will allow user to watch You tube videos offline mode, before it was available for reserved You tube Red Subscribers. So Now wait for the time when google launch the new technology for all types of Users in World. This is short description regarding What is Android GO?.

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