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What is 401 Error and how we can fix it

What is 401 Error and how we can fix it

What is 401 Error and how we can fix itWhat is 401 Error and how we can fix it- Error 401 is an HTTPS status error. It is caused in any browser like chrome, Firefox and many more. Every day we suffer many websites, and many more online service and blogs. We also sign into those pages like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and many more. We also link with various sites and also help the other sites to recognize the identity of users, as it is hard for us to remember all the logins in various sites we used to login.

Basically this type of error occurs while loading a webpage. There might be several times when we had to deal with 401 unauthorized Access is denied due to invalid credentials. This type of error occurs in several ways as 401 Unauthorized, HTTP error or Authorization required. These are usually modified according to Websites and our login attempts.

The 401 error message is displayed on sites that require the information of user. This simply means if we get such type of error it might had caused due to invalid username or Password.

How to fix 401 error.

Check the URL.

Several times this happens because of an invalid URL. Invalid URL means those URL which are reserved only for the authorized access or the Website has been disabled. So we must confirm the proper URL.

Check Login Information:-

It may be possible that we forget the appropriate username and Password. Then this kind of error might occur, but we can set the new username and password as per the information provided by the website. The request for new username and password is easy if we are already and registered user and has given the email and other necessary information in starting phase of login.

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