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What are new features of Cortana in Windows 10

What are new features of Cortana in Windows 10

What are new features of Cortana in Windows 10What are new features of Cortana in Windows 10 – We have already confronted with Cortana tool available on Windows platform. We easily avail all the services by this Personal Assistant. It can perform most of the task without user intervention. But recently some new features are added to Cortana for Windows 10 V1803. The new feature will integrate Cortana with the action center and places where user may notice it on a day to day basis.

Few new features in Cortana on Windows 10

  • Changing in Cortana Profile Page

Recently emphasis is more posed on profile page where user can manage more tasks. The new features will let user to add and edit favorite places in it. These features were imposed soon after the availability of Cortana in mobile devices. Just Click on edit button which will open the new profile page where a user can add and edit favorite places. This will give you traffic update on adding. It will remind you soon after you arrive or leave the defined location.

  • Updated Cortana Collections

The collection of information such as recipes, restaurant, books, TV shows, movies and other will be automatically remembered by noticing. When you search different things on web then it will start suggesting based on user’s experience. Cortana app will put things into an organized list that can be customized later on.

  • Resuming tasks using timeline

It also focuses on resuming tasks for you. This is one of the key feature of Cortana that tracks all your activity and let you help in starting the left-out tasks by resuming it.

  • Action Center Integration –

The new feature will prompt you in action center integration. The integration with action center will ask you about things to be done. Like When a user tried to access Action center during DND, Cortana will be there telling you about the missed part.

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