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What are Google Map and its Uses

What are Google Map and its Uses?

What are Google Map and its Uses?We have learnt about maps in our school and also plotted a lot in project works. There are many significant uses of these maps in our day to day life. Tracking or plotting locations in paper was quite cumbersome. But with the introduction of Google map we can easily track locations of streets, terrains, water and others. In this article we will learn more about Google maps and its features. What are Google Map and its Uses?

What is Google Map?

It is a web mapping service which offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360 degree panoramic views of streets, real time traffic conditions, Route planning for travelling by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation. It was created by Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen and Lars Rasmussen. Both of them were the co-founder of Google map. It was launched on February 8, 2005. The Google map was written in C++ (back end), javascript, xml, ajax (UI).

Google Maps’ satellite view is a “top-down” or “birds eye” view; most of the high-resolution imagery of cities is aerial photography taken from aircraft flying at 800 to 1,500 feet (240 to 460 m), while most other imagery is from satellites.

What are Google Map and its Uses?

Google Maps uses a close variant of the Mercator projection, and therefore cannot accurately show areas around the poles. Google Maps provides a route planner, allowing users to find available directions through driving, public transportation, walking, or biking.

Google Maps in Android and iOS devices

Google maps service is also available in Android and iOS platforms. The first android app was released in September 2008 through the GPS localization features. The common features available in Android and iOS are Turn by turn navigation, street view and public transit information. With regular updates from June 2012 to 2017, it was significant mostly for US and Indian users. The Updates in June 2012 and May 2014 allow users to save certain map regions for offline access, whereas updates in 2017 help U.S. users find available parking spots in cities, and give Indian users a two-wheeler transportation mode for improved traffic accessibility.

What are Google Map and its Uses?

What are uses of Google Maps?

Google Maps have significant uses for all type of users present around the world. Some of the uses of Google Maps –

  1. To access street view
  2. To access biking directions
  3. To access Transit units
  4. To access Ride Finder
  5. To access Aerial views
  6. To access Flu Vaccine Finder
  7. To access Business view
  8. To access Monopoly City Streets
  9. To access Underwater street view
  10. To access International space station
  11. Google Moon/ Mars/Sky/ My Maps
  12. To access Indoor Google maps

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