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Ways to hide Program from Control Panel on Windows

Ways to hide Program from Control Panel on Windows

Ways to hide Program from Control Panel on Windows – Whenever, more than one uses a single machine privacy meant nothing. This is the case in Offices or Workplaces. A single PC is being used up by more than one Employee in Offices. This is due to universal content residing in the machine. Keeping personal data or program might be unusual for all of them. There is possibility of deleting the data or program from the PC. Any one feeling annoying with the content may delete it from Control Panel.

Same is the case PC/ Laptops in our house. Suppose, you want to hide an Application (Games/ Study) from PC shared by family members. Is there any way to do it? Yes, there are successful ways to hide program from Control Panel on Windows. Since Control Panel is the place where we can easily Uninstall or delete an application installed in our System. In this article we explain how to hide a program from all members of a family. So that they can’t get any access to those private programs.

Procedure to Hide Program from Control Panel in Settings

Read the full article to know the ways to hide program from control panel on windows. There are two possible ways to hide it. They are explained below.

Procedure 1: Hide a Program using Windows Registry Editor Tool

Procedure 2: Hide a Program using Group Policy Tool

Ways to Hide a Program using Windows Registry Editor Tool

Since Windows Registry is a best place for planning a root-based setting. We can easily hide a Program from tools available in Registry Editor Window. First of all, open the Registry Editor Window. To open it, press Win + R combo key. In Run Command Window Type regedit and press Enter. Now browse to the following path given below —


If you can’t get the Application you seek to Hide, then you must look for an application having 32-bit or 64-bit value using the path given below —


Now you will get the application seek to hide. Select the application folder now. Right Click on Selected Application. Select New and Click on DWORD. Create a new value as SystemComponent and assign its value to 1.

That’s All. Open the Control Panel and search for the application. You will not get it. Now if you want to see it on control panel, just reach the same path and assign the value to 0.

Ways to hide a Program using Group Policy Editor Tool

Since it is also a good way to hide your Private application on PC. But it will hide all the application from Control Panel instead of One. Now Open the Group Policy Editor. Press Win + R combo key to open Run Command. Type gpedit.msc and press Enter. As a result, Local Group Policy Editor Window will open. Navigate to following Path given below —

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Programs

You can view a list of Hide options available there. Reach the option says “Hide Programs and Features page”. Double click on it and select Enabled and Click on Apply. As a result, You will get a message saying Your system administrator has disabled Programs and Features.

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