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Wacom Tablet Features & Specification

Wacom Tablet Features & Specification

Wacom Tablet Features & Specification – Search for a tablet which stands apart from other tablets possessing different applicable features. We have seen Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, Akash and others having many features capturing the whole market. In this article we will go for a tablet which is designed mainly for graphic design industry or beyond. Wacom Tablet is the one which allow a person to draw by hand, capturing an image or graphic in digital form.

Wacom Tablet Features & Specification

The Wacom Tablets are also called as Pen Tablets. Wacom tablets allow artists to capture their all artwork digitally. Like any other tablets, Wacom Tablets also possess many different models and appearance. Graphic designers, artists, illustrators and many other professionals can use this device which allows their hand-drawn work to be digitized and manipulated rather with an old-fashioned hand. The tablet being advantageous click and point navigation features. The pen or stylus comes with the tablets can communicate much more effectively.

The pressure-sensitive system will determine things like how thick or thin a line should be which understand the captured handwritten notations. The tablet communicates with the pen, plots its location in microseconds as per your adjustments on the screen.Wacom released model like Intous and Cintiq tablet having good feature which attracted the market. The Intuos5 having being released in three sizes Small (12.5 inches, or 31.7 cm), Medium (15 inches, or 31.1 cm) and Large (19 inches, or 48.2 cm). The price of these models ranges between 229 dollars to 469 dollars.

The Intuos tablet is having multi-touch features where you can navigate with your fingers and you can touch a key that will easily display your tablet settings on your computer screen. The Cintiq release comes in three sizes – 12-inch (30.4-cm) model, a 22-inch (55.8-cm) model and two 24-inch (60.9-cm) models. The Price ranges from 999 dollars to 3600 dollars. The tablet contain LCD screen which allow you to draw, write or design directly on the screen.

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