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Visual Basic Programming language

Visual Basic Programming language

Visual Basic Programming language – VB or Visual Basic is a programming language which provide Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment to choose and modify preselection sections of code written in BASIC programming language. It is the third generation programming language containing integrated development environment (IDE). Visual Basic was developed by Microsoft, where drag and drop design for the user interface was created by Alan Cooper. In Visual Basic Programmer can create both simple and complex GUI Applications. John Kemeny and Thomas Kurts invented the basic version of Visual Basic that is known as BASIC. In Visual Basic users can drag and drop visual elements like buttons, forms, windows and afterwards creating events and triggers for these elements. Visual Basic 6 is popular among the list containing Event driven properties.

Which Program can be created using Visual Basic 6?

The Visual basic Programming language is used to create many programs in the field of education, science, business and others. Some of the programs are given below.

  1. Smart Audio Player
  2. Multimedia player
  3. Geometric Progression
  4. Quadratic Equation Solving program
  5. Factors finders
  6. Point of sale system
  7. Payroll system

What are the features of Visual Basic programming language?

  1. GUI Interface:

Visual Basic consists of GUI environment where a user can interact with GUI items on the screen. They simply drag and drop the item and provide event driven technique.

  1. Modularization

Since a single large program contains huge collection of code, it would be difficult for the programmer to modify or validate in code. On the other side, if a big program is divided into no of modules then it will be easy for programmer to understand and update/ modify the program.

  1. Object Oriented Concepts –

In such case a real world entity called objects interact with each other. The objects should be unique and used in time. There is no need to rewrite an object again.

What are the popular versions of Visual Basic?

Some of the popular versions of Visual Basic are Visual Basic 1.0, 2.0, 1.0 for DOS, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 and Visual Basic .NET. The operating system like Microsoft Windows and MS Dos supports Visual Basic.

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