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How to fix Video card Error during Windows 10 Installation

How to Fix Video Card Error During Windows 10 Installation

Video card Error during Windows 10 Installation – Today, Windows 10 is one of the trending operating system issued by Microsoft. Windows 10 are commonly used for businesses & Single user at home. A PC with earlier version of Windows wish to upgrade it to the latest one. This is quite easy to upgrade to the latest version. But sometimes upgrading or installing Windows 10 results an error. The error might be due to hardware or software issues. Generally, Windows 10 synchronize with every hardware/ program available in our PC. It is perfect with the things which are updated.

It is not compatible with the things which are outdated. It mostly emphasis on drivers installed in our PC. In this article we focus on fixing Video card error during Windows 10 installation. If you are facing any issue with Graphics Card installed, read the full article below. We suggest you few troubleshooting to fix it.

If System shows you Compatibility issue then be with us till end. The actual error showing in our PC screen would be “These devices aren’t fully compatible with Windows 10“. As a result, you will experience problems with your display unit. There are three unique troubleshooting to fix Video card error during Windows 10 installation.

Procedure to fix Video Card Error During Windows 10 Installation

  • Install Video Card Driver compatible with Windows 10

It might be possible that driver installed for Graphics/ Video Card is corrupt. So, we suggest you to download a fresh & updated driver online. For this visit OEMs website and search for graphics driver which is compatible with windows version you are trying to install. After get the same, download & run the program. Check if installation is complete. Now run the Windows 10 installation again and fix it. If installation from OEM website does not fix the issue, follow the process given below.

  • Uninstall Display Adapter from Device Manager

So, to uninstall a specific Adapter go to Device Manager panel. Press Win + X + M Combo key to open a listed item. Click on Device Manager. Expand the Display adapter list below. Right Click on adapter you are using. Navigate below & click on Uninstall. It will process for few minutes. After that run Windows 10 setup again. It will automatically install the driver uninstalled by you before. If uninstalling the display adapter does not work for you then follow the process given below.

  • Install a new graphics card on your PC.

This is rare with the PC which are new. This is performed for PCs having older graphics card installed. We suggest you to change the older one with a new one. Installing a new compatible graphics card is the best option. So, purchase a new one from market and install it. After that run the Windows 10 setup.

We hope this helps you lot!

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