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USA Nextbook Tablet Classic Features

USA Nextbook Tablet Classic Features

USA Nextbook Tablet Classic Features – We all know about Apple’s iPad which is always expected to count maximum shipment compared to other tablets. But other companies are also on the run who targeted an offer with low priced tablet much cheaper that Apple iPad. Our Tablet looks smaller than laptops but larger than smartphones.

USA Nextbook Tablet Classic Features

With all, Next book is also a tablet which focus on providing low budged tablets. Since Google android OS is free and open for all. Due to which Nextbook concerns only hardware not OS.

The Nextbook tablets are manufactures by E-FUN Inc in California. The tablet seems different views depending upon the user. Some are frustrated with the limitations in it while some are satisfied to get their hands a affordable tablet without jacking their credit card balance.

We will provide you the specification of USA based Nextbook below. The Notebook company allows 11 different tablets which is further divided into three different series – The Classic, Premium and Premium SE. The lower series like classic series contain various models – Next2, Next3, Next5, etc. lets look upto specification of one of them – Next2 – possessing Android 1.5, 2 GB of Built in memory, 0.6 GHZ Pentium 4 CPU, 7 inch touch screen display.

It has a USB cable, a protective case and A/C adaptor for charging. A battery made of lithium ion run upto 10 hours. It contains built in speaker and WIFI connectivity. This model was primarily known as an e-book reader containing about 25 books.

Nextbook express its partnership with Barnes & Noble. In USA customer use Nook app to find and download the new book, kobo books apps are used in Canada. Nextbook representative says that users always choose the 8-inch version after they see it side by side with a 7-inch model. The next one has a 9.7 inch capacitive display, a speaker and a 0.3 M.P camera.

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