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Twisted photon believes to provide speed that of fibre optics

Twisted photon believes to provide speed that of fibre optics

Twisted photon believes to provide speed that of fibre opticsTwisted photon believes to provide speed that of fibre optics – Today with the advent of Internet technology, a huge amount of data or information is transferred from one place to other distant places. This information is transferred with high speed via a reliable and strong medium. Due to emergence of fibre optics, the data are transferred with more speed and efficient. Since fibre optics transmission medium are too expensive and difficult in implementation. Therefore optical fibre transmission media are found in less areas being expensive for users to access the internet accessibility.

Scientists and researchers are trying their best to found a medium to maintain such high speed internet accessibility with reliable and low cost. The incoming media may remove those expensive cable lines. As a result researchers at Glasgow University have discovered an idea to twist photons allowing them to store large amount of data with avoidance of air interference. A special hologram, similar to one found in credit card are used to pass the photons to gain optical angular momentum allowing them to store information beyond zeroes and ones.

According to Head of the Structured Photonics Research Group at University at Glasgow – Dr.Martin Lavery,”The new media will potentially give us the bandwidth of fibre, without the requirement of physical cabling”. They tested the new media by transferring data across a mile in Germany, keeping in mind the urban settings where buildings and other facets of city life would potentially interfere the transfer of data.

But before making it commercially viable alternative to fibre optics, a number of conditions should be taken under consideration. These conditions might be rain storms or snow winds which proved to be the negative factor. Again if the factors proved viable then question arises regarding such high quality internet speeds at low cost than present for customer.

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