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Turing Test Check Machine Intelligence

Turing Test Check Machine Intelligence

Turing Test Check Machine IntelligenceDefinition: Turing Test Check Machine Intelligence – Turing test is a measure of determining whether a machine has human like Intelligence, or ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour in machine. The concept of Turing test was proposed by English mathematician Alan Turing in 1950. Turing test suggest to develop conversation between human and machine and designed to generate human like responses. The test was proved to be highly influential and criticism. The concept became the base of artificial Intelligence. From the invention of abacus to the supercomputer, the high reach of technology is seen in every aspects of life around us. We developed language processors that can translate one language to other within very less time; Room served robots that can clean an entire home in minutes; Today robots that create retirement portfolios. Technological experts always strive to give best from previous technological inventions. Turing Test Check Machine Intelligence is continued…

Turing Test Explanations

It is generally refer to the behavioural test for the presence of mind, thought and intelligence. If there were Computer machines which bear resemblance to our body and copy our actions as closely as possible for all practical purposes, we should have 2 certain way of recognizing that they were not real men.

  1. They could never use words, or put together signs, as we human do in order to declare our thoughts to others. For we can certainly conceive of a machine so constructed that it utters words, and even utters words that correspond to bodily actions causing a change in its organs.
  2. It is not understandable that such a machine should produce different arrangements of words so as to give appropriate meaningful answer to what so ever is said in its presence.
  3. Even though some machines might do some things as well as we do them, or perhaps even better, they would inevitably fail in others, which would reveal that they are acting not from understanding, but only from the disposition of their organs.
  4. It is a universal instrument, which can be used in all kinds of situations, these organs need some particular action; so it is for all practical purposes impossible for a machine to have enough different organs to make it act in all the contingencies of life in the way in which our reason makes us act.
  5. There are many different takes on the test but many computer scientists and philosophers have criticized unanimously its very premises for only assessing the appearance of intelligence.

This is all about What is Turing test?. This is short article related to Turing Test Check Machine Intelligence. In our next topic we will study regarding Electronic games.


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