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How to Transfer files between Phone and PC using WiFi

How to Transfer files between Phone and PC using WiFi

How to Transfer files between Phone and PC using WiFi – Earlier a user need to connect Phone with PC using data cable to transfer data like Photos, Videos and other files. But with the advent of Wireless technology like Wi-Fi, the transfer process become easier. There are many apps available online which allow us to transfer file using Wi-Fi technology. In this article we will suggest you an app which will transfer file via Wi-Fi without even installing it. You need to Scan the QR code to establish connectivity between them. The name of the app is ScanTransfer which is most suitable for modern users.

How to Transfer files between Phone and PC using WiFi

Scan Transfer Working Principle for Windows PC –

The apps name itself reveal as a program which allows data transfer just by scanning. The apps are a freeware which lets you transfer photos and videos from Smartphones to the PC or laptop without installing it on your phone. To share files user needs to Scan the QR code available on PC. There is one facility stick with ScanTransfer is its ability to transfer the photos in bulk. In such case you can transfer hundreds of images in one go within a few seconds.

The app is having a simple main page interface. From the main window a user can select the output folder where you want to save the photos in your PC. There is an option to compress photos or remain it as original quality.

So Download Install, Scan the QR code and start sharing files. One thing to keep in mind is that both the devices must share same Wi-Fi network. A user can scan the code and transfer files via Twitter, Facebook or via iOS camera.

Scan Transfer app features for Windows PC –

  1. Connecting Multiple devices – The apps allow you to connect multiple devices at a time and share files like Photos & videos from multiple devices.
  2. Transfer Bulk Data – It allows user to transfer hundreds of images at a time or say in one go.
  3. Security & Privacy – The apps is 100% safe and all sharing via ScanTransfer are privacy protected.
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