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Top 5 Windows 10 Hacks

Find How to Hack the Best out of Windows 10 Features:

This time we have brought to you tricks to modify the windows. You can use it to change, modify and improve your version of Windows. Here are the top 5 Ways you can do that:

  1. Enable GOD Mode in Windows 10

    Name a folder “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”. Now you are just one click away to deal with all the settings available in Windows 10. Just open the folder and type your query into the search bar, to find a setting. Once you’re done, you can change the name of the folder to any name of your choice.Windows 10 God Mode

  2. Task Manager for the Geek

    Are you still using the old Task Manager? Well, you can use Process Hacker, a tool which real geeks use. With Process Hacker, you get advanced access to all processes, which are all color coded for easier understanding and analysis.  You can see better graphs for understanding resource usage. You can search for processes, replace the default task manager, and it’s just awesome when it comes to showing off.

  3. Context Menu Addons

    Dexpot is used to Build Virtual Desktops for Windows. Later, Windows added the same feature inbuilt. However, you can still apply a few tricks, making this more interesting. For example, you can add more context menus. Install Dexpot. Right click the Dexpot Icon in Windows Tray, Go to Settings > Controls > Title Bars, and choose the area, where new context menus will appear. Specify which buttons will trigger it. You can also specify modifiers, target any active windows and action which work on them for example, open or stop.

  4. Extending your Clipboard

    Download “Ditto Clipboard Manager” and you’re done. With Ditto installed, you have an extension to your Default Windows Clipboard where you have your Clipboard Items saved for later use. Ditto helps you choose what gets saved.  Just use the Hotkey ([Ctrl] + [`]) to get more control over the Clipboard.

  5. Analyse Disk Usage

    Windows 10 has a Storage Monitor, which is lovely. Find it here: Windows Settings > System > Storage. But wait, there’s a problem. It doesn’t show where the space is being taken up. Get WindirStart. After you’ve installed WindirStart, you can see a diagram explaining what exactly is consuming much of your space. If you’re facing Disk Space problems, then this is a tool which you would just love to have.

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