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Top 10 Android Apps to Control your Windows 10 PC remotely

Top 10 Android Apps to Control your Windows 10 PC remotely

Top 10 Android Apps to Control your Windows 10 PC remotely – Do you have access your Windows 10 PC remotely with your Android Phone? You might be surprised to know this. But it is possible. No need to stuck with your PC all the time with our 10 best android apps discussed below. There are several android apps that can access windows 10 via phone using media such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other internet connectivity.

There are two basic principles based on that apps control your windows 10 PC.

  1. Mapping the PC Screen onto your Phone.
  2. Mouse similar to a remote control

The Top 10 Android Apps to control your Windows 10 PC remotely are —

  • PC Remote Apps – It uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as medium to control your windows 10 PC. The embedded remote contains a number of incredible features. You have programs like PPT or Excel apart from a regular keyboard and mouse. It uses the Remote Desktop feature to let you view your home screen of your Windows 10 system.
  • TeamViewer Apps – This is the mostly used app available in both Android and desktop versions. This app is extensively used in IT sectors by professionals. It is the most reliable and responsive apps by which you can control you windows 10 pc. You need to know user ID and password to connect your phone to PCs.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop Apps – This apps need a Google account to use features related to remote control. It is very user friendly and practically good for sharing data. The only thing you need is to be signed into Google chrome with your Google credential data.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop apps – This app is most compatible with Microsoft devices being from same company. This is good one for office type works and recreational uses.
  • Remote link – It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your windows 10 pc. This app is popular for its extensive features like Joystick mode which lets you use your phone as a device for better gaming solutions. This apps need a well-known expertise in applications.
  • DroidMote Apps – It supports Androids, Linux and Windows machine by preferring more on gaming purpose.
  • Splashtop 2 Apps – It is one of the most secure apps allow you can control your Windows 10 system. It is perfect for gaming especially racer games.
  • VNC viewer apps – VNC Viewer lets you access the screen of your PC. It is mostly commercially used in IT sector or workplaces. It is a remote based apps from VNC.
  • Unified Remote apps – It has more than 75 preinstalled program which supports Windows, Linux as well as Mac machines. It converts your phone into a universal remote control.
  • KiwiMote – This apps requires you to install Java on your machine before using. It works via Wi-Fi and also require your system and phone to be connected via same hotspot or router.

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