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Things to Know before Connecting to Open Wi-Fi Hotspots

Things to Know before Connecting to Open Wi-Fi Hotspots

Things to Know before Connecting to Open Wi-Fi Hotspots – Window 10 can automatically connect to any open Wi-Fi hotspots available within the range. These Hotspots didn’t require any authentication like User name or Password to access. Which means any one can access the network free of cost. Users enjoy such Wi-Fi through browsing, catching up on news, watching videos online, listening to streaming music and social sites.

How to connect automatically to Open Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Window can automatically connect to these types of Open hotspots with the help of settings. All you have to do is – Goto Settings > Network & Internet > W-Fi > Additional Settings> Turn on “Connect to suggested open hotspots”. Before connecting window 10 reads various aspects like whether the open Wi-Fi network has a high quality Internet Connection, Whether other window user are using hotspots, signal strength and quality of network etc. Window prepare a database of the best quality network hotspots and connects automatically when in range.

If you want any changes to this hotspot Goto Settings > Network & Internet > W-Fi > Additional Settings > Wi-Fi services > Change “Connect to suggested open hotspots” as you desire.

Location Help to Access Open Hotspots

If you want your Window to suggest Wi-Fi hotspots near you, then use Window 10 location service, who better knew location of you and Open hotspots. To do so Goto Settings > Privacy > Location > Set “Location for this device” ON. In case your location service is turned off, Window knows your location with the help of Admin account.

How to prevent you own managed Wi-Fi Network

If you have installed a Computer System and Router/Modem at your Home or Office. And you want to make sure Windows 10 doesn’t automatically connect other window 10 customers to it, change the name of your network to add _optout to the name of your network. You can also add a password to your Wi-Fi network or router or access point.

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