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The Flying Computer Drone can be hacked

The Flying Computer Drone can be hacked

The Flying Computer Drone can be hacked – We have heard hacking related to information of credit card, salary, privacy, emails, Defence, Security and others. All such information is hacked by introducing malware or virus on to the computer system via Internet. Hacking all these information is not the end; hackers are also involved in hacking drones, a flying computer. It is used for security purposes like surveillance, observation, targeting and tracking enemy activity.

The Flying Computer Drone can be hacked

There are different types of hacking techniques used to manipulate automatic flying drone. Hackers have designed a malware to infiltrate and overtake the small Quadcopters found hovering around. Like Maldrone is a type of malware intended to hack drones via internet connections.

It seems like hacking sensitive information available on laptop or Smartphone. The intention behind hacking drone is to swipe the data the machines collect or even take over their physical control. Skyjack looks similar to mill drone designed to hunt down other UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) hack or manipulate them. It can be used to amass a fleet of Zombie drones.

Samy Kamkar has released publicly the specification of Skyjack revealing all such information to hackers to build their own machine. Such machine run on software which directs it to locate other drone within specified area to take control with authenticate owner.

Since military drone hackers control UAVs by misleading them about their own GPS position, the technique disconnects the drone from the GPS system that is used to coordinate the path. It is believed that the hackers first jam the drone’s comm. Link, leaving it unable to send & receive the information and disconnect operation from the ground. The hackers send spoof coordinates to drone misleading the machine to believe that it is close to its own base.

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