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Sylvania Tablet Specification & Features

Sylvania Tablet Specification & Features

Sylvania Tablet Specification & Features – When we talk about Tablets, Apple iPad being the most popular and productive tablet in the market in 2010. The company had sold millions in quick time despite tough competitive market conditions. Few months later many companies had released low cost tablet in the market. Sylvania Tablet was one among them. The Sylvania model costs you much lower than other tablets. The Sylvania tablet costs you less than 200 dollars.

Sylvania Tablet Specification & Features

The tablet does not contain all the functions of a computer, but a beautiful touch screen display meant more for surfing web, check your email, use some apps and games and others. The device does not have 3G but user can access internet with Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The company had released three screen size tablets – 7 inches, 8.4 inches and 10 inches. The 7-inch and 10-inch model are nearly identical but differ in two things – Screen Size and Camera Properties.

The 7-inch model has Android 2.1 operating system. The 8.4-inch model tablet support multi touch screen, which allow user to pinch fingers together to zoom in/out. The tablet has 8 GB of internal storage, 512 MB of RAM, Operating system – Android 2.3, two USB ports, a mini HDMI output, a headphone jack and Wi-Fi support.

The Sylvania Tablet has preinstalled application like alarm clock, email, file manager, a calculator, you tube, PDF reader, Kobo, calendar, music player, weather apps and voice memo. Since the tablets uses Android OS, which allow you to choose, download and use thousands of Android based apps from the Internet. A user can also download Angry Birds, budget calculator, Facebook Messenger if required.

All released model by Sylvania tablet have a sensor in them to rotate the display from portrait to landscape view on turning the device. This feature helps user in playing game where varied orientation is required.

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