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SVP Tablet and its working features

SVP Tablet and its working features

SVP Tablet and its working features – The tablet is mini computer which is portable and meant more than Smartphone. There are many make and model of tablets having similar as well as different properties. The passage of tablet paces the technical background of computer applications. Although these portable touch screen computers are used in gaming, reading, chatting, shopping and other fun.

SVP Tablet and its working features

It includes a number of personal and business application which attract the users most. Similar to other tablets a new brand of tablet known as SVP Tablet is discussed here. Here we will talk about SVP Tablet make, model and other features. The tablet was manufactured in china by Digital Machine International and designed to sold at low price range from 75$ to 200$. The price of SVP tablet is less than half the cost of an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy.

It offers only two models with 7-inch and 10-inch size. Both of them have same operating system – Android 2.1 or 2.2. It has built in wireless internet capability. A touch screen interface to browse the web and other apps with accuracy. It has 800 by 480 dots per inch (dpi) display containing lower resolution than Black Berry playbook 7-inch tablet screen. The SVP tablets run on android operating systems. The 10-inch TPC1013 weighs slightly more than the 7-inch TPC7901’s 1.33 pounds.

Internal memory in SVP-7 includes DDRS 256MB/2GB MLC. Since the DDRS memory consume less battery power than its predecessors. It supports an extended microSD Card upto 32 GB as external memory. The difference between 7 inches and 10-inch SVP tablets models is only in size of screen and weight. Like other tablets, SVP tablets also supports MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and AAC+ audio files. The tablet has two mini USB connections, and jack for earphones, chargers and HDMI Connectors.

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