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Supercomputers Contribution to Present Technical World

Supercomputers Contribution to Present Technical World

Supercomputers Contribution to Present Technical World – The Emergence in technological revolution contributed a lot in all fields of life like military, defence, weather, science, health research and gaming. The computing environment leads to the creation of supercomputers playing major role in above said fields. Such level of contribution shows how far & which direction technology is going to. A fastest, powerful, massive, bulky, numerous, overheating machine having huge amount of space for spitting out computation after computation is known as Supercomputers.

Supercomputers Contribution to Present Technical World

A supercomputer using more than one CPU can do faster circuit switching and more tasks at once. It has the capability to do vector arithmetic, which means it can calculate multiple operations in fraction of time frame. Not only supercomputers are made for code cracking but also for ballistic missiles and others. They can use networks of computers to simulate nuclear weapons as well.

The Colossus, a Supercomputer situated in Britain, was designed to read messages and could crack German code during second world war. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) supercomputer is designed to forecast weather, predict weather events, track space and oceanic weather movement/ activities. The NOAA contribution made possible weather app usage on smartphones today.

IBM designed Sequoia Machine are used for nuclear weapon security and to make large scale molecular dynamics calculations. It can operate up to 16.32 petaflops per second (Say 16000 trillion operations).

These days supercomputers are involved in fun and games too. For example, popular online game, World of Warcraft, where millions of players are playing at a time, whose operation & maintenance are done under the guidance of supercomputers.

Watson, a supercomputer being designed by IBM are used by a health insurer to predict patient diagnoses and treatments. So, we are benefitting a lot from supercomputers from online war video games to actual war. They are contributing a lot in every fields of life.

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