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Super Volcanoes might be Source of Energy in Future

Super Volcanoes might be Source of Energy in Future

Super Volcanoes might be Source of Energy in Future – Today the whole world depends on two Sources of Energy – Renewable and Non- Renewable. The renewable source of energy are in abundance but other one are limited. The renewable form of energy are wind, sunlight, geothermal energy; and Non-renewable are coal, natural gas, petroleum etc. The renewable energy can be renewed but the other one can’t be renewed. Too much amount of carbon emission from Car, Bus, Trucks, Motorcycle are emitting carbon dioxide resulting in various climatic problems. The non-renewable source of energy will replenish after some years. Super Volcanoes might be Source of Energy in Future.

So our Scientists have developed Cars and other automobiles which depends upon batteries as a source of energy to run. These batteries can be made with the help of lithium ions. And this lithium supply comes from igneous rock deposits in Australia and Salt Flats in Chile. These lithium ions are also in limited quantity.

In recent study it is found that the ancient super volcanoes might play a significant role in fetching lithium supply. The Researchers from Stanford University and US Geological Survey found a new source of lithium in North America’s Super volcanoes. These super volcanoes eruptions can be up to 10,000 times bigger than the average volcanoes. The average volcanoes might not be proved so much beneficial as compared to super volcanoes. The Crater Lake in Oregan is a great example where lakes are formed as a result of super eruptions that had happened thousands of years ago. According to Scientists, lithum from the volcanic deposits leeches out the water that fills the basin, and the metal settles at the bottom in the form of clay called as hectorite.

They took samples of rock from Caldera site in Nevada, Wyoming & Colorado and also from Mexico & Sicily and found that the they are similar. According to Professor Gail Mahood – “If you have a lot of magma erupting, it doesn’t have to have as much lithium in it to produce something that is worthy of economic interest as we previously thought”.  So these Lithum might be essential in coming future as energy and used domestically in United States.

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