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How to Stop Auto Playing Videos on Websites

How to Stop Auto Playing Videos on Websites

We love to browse websites these days. There are plenty of info rich websites which helps us lot. This rich information is upto our finger tips. Just type and press enter to access these valuable information. But browsing gets interrupted due to promo videos playing automatically. They scale down or hide at corners of the webpage. It might be relevant to the content. But, annoying is due to audio blasting our ears with no care. So we think of ways to stop auto playing videos on websites.Stop Auto Playing Videos on Websites

These auto videos run on HTML5 or Flash Players. In this article we focus on steps to stop auto videos playing on webpage. The case is same with any of the browsers like – Google chrome, Edge, Firefox or Internet Explorer. We have three unique ways to Stop auto playing videos on websites.

  • Change the browser configuration settings.
  • Use browser extension.
  • Disable Flash or HTML 5.

We can apply above settings on browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Explorer. We will see settings on browsers one by one.

How to Stop Auto Playing Videos on Google Chrome?

This is one of the popular browsers used nowadays. It supports feature to disable autoplay videos on chrome. We need to disable both HTML5 and Flash Video Player. In order to disable HTML 5, download the extension called “Disable HTML5 Autoplay“. Install it on Chrome and select the red play icon in the address bar and disable it automatically.

Now in order to disable Flash, Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy Section > Content Settings > Open Content Settings and navigate to Flash > Select the option “Ask first before allowing sites on run flash“. Finally save the settings. Check if problem is solved.

How to Stop Auto Playing Videos on Mozilla Firefox?

Type the following in address bar of Firefox and press enter.


Wait till hidden configuration settings are loaded. Now search for auto play and find “media.autoplay.embed” settings and revert it to false. Hence HTML 5 is disabled successfully. Now to disable Flash videos, go to menu and select Add-Ons. Now go to Plugins page and get flash Plugin. Get Shockwave Flash and select Ask to Activate. Check if problem is solved.

How to Stop Auto Playing Videos on Edge?

There are no straight forward methods to disable HTML 5. To disable, we need to completely disable Adobe Flash from “Advanced Settings“. Go to Settings, navigate to Advanced Settings button and press Enter. Here you can turn off flash player.

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