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Steps to Change Default Fonts Used in Command Prompt Window

Steps to Change Default Fonts Used in Command Prompt Window

Command Prompt is one of the essential tools available on all Windows Machine. This is a shortcut tool for implementing different types of Administrative Settings. It is regularly used by administrators to pose or fix core error residing on Operating System. Command Prompt is also used to run batch files through commands. There are lots of commands which run on Command Prompt. In this article, we talk about fonts seen on Windows Command Prompt. The default font might be looking older or need change. You may change font for better readability. Steps to Change Default Fonts Used in Command Prompt Window.

Steps to Change Default Fonts Used in Command Prompt Window

There is no any direct method to change the default font used on Command Prompt Window. We need to use Registry Editor to change it. It must be noted that Command Prompt supports Monospace Fonts only. This font is especially used for writing source code in Computer program. The Monospace Fonts are fixed width font where spacings and letters occupy the same width. So, we need to choose Monospace Font only.

Steps to Change Default Fonts Used in Command Prompt Window

Before going for Registry Editor, we need to install a Monospace Font. First of all, install Google Fonts or Font Squirrel in your System. As per Microsoft the font must be FF_MODERN as TrueType Font, else OEM_CHARSET if not True Type font. Also, Font must not have a negative A or C space & Italic Style Font.

Let us take “Droid Sans Mono” as a suitable font. Install it on your PC. Now the next step would be to add it to Command Prompt using Registry Editor. Press Window Key + R to open Run Command. Type regedit and press Enter. Now registry editor window will open. Next, browse to the following Path given below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Console\TrueTypeFont

After browsing the above path, Right click on right side of the Window to open New. Click on New > String Value > Name the String Value to a unique number. You can assign it as 0000 (Any number which must be unique).

Double Click on newly created string value (Say 0000). Assign the Font name you wish to use (Say Droid Sans Mono) on Value data. Click on OK, Apply and restart the system.

Procedure to Add Custom Font to the Command Prompt Window

Open Command Prompt Window and right click on Title bar to open Properties from the drop-down menu. Switch to the Font Tab. Now select the Font (say Droid Sans Mono) and click on OK.

That’s it. You can view the new font whenever you open the Command prompt Window.

Hope this helps you lot!

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