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Sound Error on Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10

Sound Error on Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10

Sound Error on Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10Sound Error on Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10- We all know, Microsoft is upgrading its feature day by day. Earlier internet explorer is known as Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is all new Web Browser. Some people still prefer Internet explorer.

Microsoft Edge is built for Modern Web, modern website that work with latest technology. Some website works on both Intranet Network and WWW. They still function on earlier methods. So it becomes difficult for modern web browser to fetch the web pages easily.

People still use internet explorer 11 with windows 10. Internet Explorer doesn’t have good rating and it has been surpassed by third party browsers like Firefox etc.

Internet Explorer has various updates by Microsoft. People usually suffer with a similar issue i.e. no sound on internet explorer 11 while playing audio or video.

Reason for No Sound on Internet Explorer 11 in windows 10.

In some cases, this issue is caused due to add ons. While in few cases it is caused due to flash player inhibiting the sound on IE.

In such trouble user cannot hear any sound. When he try to play any media file.

Fix No Sound Issue on Internet Explorer.

  1. Look the Audio option. Check sound is enabled in internet explorer.

    Open the Internet Explorer. Press Alt+T and click on tools in Menu bar.

    Click on Internet option.

    Navigate to tab labelled as Advanced.

    In the Multimedia Section.

    Check play sound in webpages.

    Click ok to save changes.

    Reboot your PC.

  2. Disable Internet Explorer Add ons.

    Press ALT+X and select CMD (Command Prompt).

    Type the Command and press Enter.

    “%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” –extoff

    This will launch Internet Explorer without addons.

    In the bottom of the browser. Click on the button saying Mange add ons.

    User can also use alternative method to do this.

    Click on ALT+X and Click on Manage Add ons.

    Click on All Add ons. Select all option.

    Click on tab Disable all.

    Reboot your PC.

  3. Verify Sound output form Volume Mixer.

    Click on Speaker option in taskbar.

    Open volume mixer.

    Check the volume of Internet explorer is muted or not.

    If the volume is low raise it to maximum.

  4. Fix Flash Player on IE.

    Navigate to Control Panel and click on flash player.

    Move to advanced tab. Click on Delete All button.

    In the next window click on delete all Site Data and Setting.

    Click on Delete Data button to delete the flash player data.

    Launch internet Explorer.

  5. Reset Internet Explorer.

    Open Internet Explorer. Select tools button.

    Click on Internet Option.

    Select the Advanced Tab and Select Reset.

    When Internet Explorer finishes applying default setting. Select Close.

    Reboot / Restart your PC.

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