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Skype Voice Translator & Its Features

Skype Voice Translator & Its Features

Skype Voice Translator & Its FeaturesSkype Voice Translator & Its Features – The skype is a popular communicating media which allows voice chat, video chat, messaging, sharing between two persons who are residing far away from each other. They can clearly talk and see each other using this skype app. There are various features available on skype, which are discussed below.

Skype Voice Translator and Skype Text Translator

One most important feature which is added on skype is voice translation capability. With the help of this skype translator all barriers related to language are eliminated. The skype voice translator is currently working in 8 languages. The skype text translator is available in more than 50 languages used during instant messaging service. This skype translator uses machine learning feature to accomplish all tasks. The skype translator is available on Window 7 and above devices.
Skype Apps Important Features

There are number of features available on Skype application and all such features is further divided into sections to understand well. These section include Calling features, Video features, Messaging features, sharing features and other Skype features.

Skype App Calling Features

  1. Skype to Skype calls – call anyone on skype for free around the world.
  2. Calls to mobiles and landlines – Call rates would be cheaper.
  3. Group Calls – Upto 25 people talk simultaneously on one call.
  4. Skype Number
  5. Forward Calls
  6. Caller ID – lets people know you with a name.
  7. Skype To Go – call international numbers at low calling rates.

Skype App Video Features

  1. One to One video calls
  2. Group video calls

Skype App Messaging Features

  1. Instant Messaging
  2. Send texts – sms
  3. Voice messages
  4. GroupMe
  5. Video messaging
  6. Mojis and emoticons

Skype App Sharing Features

  1. Send files, photos, videos of any size over skype
  2. Computer Screen sharing with your friends.
  3. Group screen sharing
  4. Send contacts, numbers and Skype name easily

Skype App Miscellaneous Features

  1. Skype Manager – Allows to create accounts, allocate credit and assign features.
  2. Skype Connect – make call through existing SIP enabled PBX.
  3. Skype for – switching from chat to video on one click.
  4. Contact me button
  5. Share button
  6. Skype translator
  7. Skype extension

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