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Secure Selfies Password for Authentication Process

Secure Selfies Password for Authentication Process

Secure Selfies Password for Authentication Process – Recently Amazon has filed a patent for a new security technology which is based on Selfies. Nowadays taking selfies with your smartphone camera is most popular among the teenagers, adults, professionals and everyone. These selfie snapshots woos may replace existing authentication techniques. Apple Company has recently announced that the newly launched iPhone X and iPhone 8 models will use a facial recognition security technology called Face ID as password instead of fingerprint and numerical password. Many companies had introduced such technology in the past. Now think of a system where selfies is used instead of payment cards or password to authenticate the owner. The system might contain various advantages as well as disadvantages too. The face image quality is typically measured in terms of pose, illumination and expression collectively called as PIE.

Advantages of Selfies Password during authentication process

  1. We don’t require to remember the complex passwords.
  2. Most conveniently used.
  3. The software program will recognise the face accuracy with 100%
  4. No need to carry cards such as Debit card/Credit card etc.

Disadvantages of Selfies Password during authentication process

The selfies available on face book or other media might be used by the hackers to unlock your account. Spoofing is a major security risk as a malicious person can easily obtain a user’s printed photo, a digital video via social media, which manipulated later.

What are Amazon’s view related to such event?

There are many possible measures to prevent attacks. The system should be extended to few stages, which are followed one by one for authentication. The Selfie should be the first stage of identification process. Then user has to perform one or more actions like – smile, blink, tilt head etc. The tasks then being verified by algorithms associated with movements of actual person.

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